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Before you deliver a valuable service to lash extension clients…you have to prove that you know what you’re doing and that they can trust you with their face! Especially since so many ‘artists’ are creating a bad rap for our industry. It’s our job to continue to educate and arm our clients with knowledge to make the very best choices and decisions about choosing eyelash extensions.

So Part 2 of How to WoW your Lash Extension clients is to Inform & Educate.

A cool way to get a 1-2 punch with this one is to: Offer a free ebook in exchange for their email address. The key here is that the ebook informs them in some way…to coincidentally bring them back to you and your services. Even if they should take the scenic route with another stylist at first.

You could offer an ebook on: The Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Next Lash Artist or Top 3 Lash Extension Myths Dispelled, or How to Spot a Professional Lash Extension Stylist. Of course everything in the guides just points back to you and your services, but in the meantime you’re still educating and informing the client. People love to learn and understand as much as they can about our industry. Let’s educate them, and make our industry that much stronger and elevate it to the professional level it deserves!


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