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The idea behind The Lash CEO is to share visibility strategies to help you grow the Lash Business of your dreams. But getting to the business of your dreams part is a challenge when you’re new to the industry and no one knows you exist. No clients..no business! My mission is to change that and help you attract lash extension clients to you, so you won’t have to resort to the ‘cycle of appointment begging’ You’ve seen it or maybe even been guilty of it… “Book With ME” “Come Book Your Appointment, I’m available” This probably does more harm than good. But ou can break this sabatoging cycle, with smart social media, visibility strategies and SEO know how!

My mission is to help as many Lash Artists as I can achieve the goals they set for themselves for their eyelash extensions business with action-focused visibility tips and ideas based on what has worked for me.


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So what does that really mean? It means you won’t find pages and pages of theory…but actual tools and techniques that I’m using to grow the Lash Business of My Dreams! If I tell you about it…I’ve done it or am doing it! Each

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post will contain 1-3 easy to read action tips that you can use to put your Lash Business on track. If I can help you I will…If I can’t I’ll find someone who can.

I absolutely love this industry and during my time growing I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs…but each step has brought me to here and I’m so very blessed to have the opportunity to connect with you and get to know more about your struggles, your wins and your goals! So please feel free to ask me questions. I read all of them and try to answer them as I can!

Thank you for being here!
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8 thoughts on “***Welcome to The Lash CEO | Blog***

  1. I love your posts and like that you giunea pig a bunch of products for all us lash artists out there trying to get the best quality stuff and saving money doing it! I plan to grow my business by adding on accessories to traditional lash sets such as colour lashes 😉

    1. Thank you Sasha! I appreciate you being my first REAL person to comment. I love what I do and hope I can help others as we frolic through this lash life! Did you comment on the Giveaway post yet? It’s below this post

  2. I really appreciate your help as a beginner lash artist I feel it is important to learn as much as possible and to educate your clients as well. I intend to grow my business by constantly advertising my business to attract new customers, have loyalty cards and have a incentives for new referrals

    1. Frankie, Thank you so much for reading…and Especially for leaving a comment. I appreciate the feedback and for you sharing.
      When you’re first starting out, be careful with advertising. Depending on what methods you use, it’s usually high budget
      with little to no way to gauge your return on that investment. And there are a few great ways to implement
      loyalty rewards, so good for you for considering that!

  3. Omg!!!! I really needed THIS!!! Getting ready to branch out on my own. I will be following you and hope to learn a lot along my journey. Thanks so much 🙂

  4. I would love some advice on what it takes to become a lash trainer. I think that’s my next move.

    1. Next move would be to check with your state, and see if they have any instructor requirements. If not…you can basically create your manual/guides, and start your training business. You can choose to go under a larger well known company or go under your own name. Hope that helps!

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