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If you’re in business you already know how important it is to be found on Google. Because not being found there usually lashes extensions business, eyelash business, success eyelash, lashes and a wink, the lash ceomeans you’re not as busy or booked as you could be. But as lash extension artists this information is generally not taught in lash training, so when you finish up and you have your certificate in hand that’s usually it. I know most training companies have the very best intentions for their budding students, but the truth is not knowing can make or break a new business.

But I don’t want this to be your truth! Especially when it doesn’t have to be. I’m hosting a class just for you! I’m calling it Google Visibility for Lash Artists and if you’ve ever had questions about understanding the part of Google that increases your visibility you’ll want to be here!

Register now for this free Google visibility class!

Lash On! Rickina, The Lash CEO


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