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Build a Fabulous SEO ready website

The lash industry is so fabulous…it’s visual, it’s beautiful and as professional beauty stylists it’s our job to create an online presence that not only showcases our beautiful work. But that also is the first impression of our lash business and our professionalism.

But more times than not, we may be stuck with cookie cutter ‘freebie’ websites that come as an addon to another service or product. When your lash business website should be first and foremost when you decide that you’re going to take the leap and offer this service…or any other service or business.

Your website should be a virtual team member on your team, working 24/7 365 for you bringing in new clients and beautifully presenting them to you.

But creating a beautifully designed well planned lash website can be a bit overwhelming….with the thousands of platforms available and that many designers wanting your business.

If you’re anything like I was when I first started my business…you don’t have a large budget for design, marketing advertising etc… But you NEED a website, and you NEED people to see it and contact you about your services.

So what do you do? I may have a solution that I wish was available when I first got started with my Lash business.

The Lash Stylists’ Guide to a Beauti-Fully Designed, SEO Fabulous Website. Because it’s not enough to have a pretty website…while important, your website needs to WORK!

And it does that by being seen, and getting you new clients to reach out to you and inquire about your services.

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Grow Your Lash Business

This guide and many others will be available to you, if you choose to join us in the Lash Hustlers Society~!

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How Not To Get More Clients with Instagram | Lash Business Success

So Instagram…It’s pretty awesome! If you’re utilizing Instagram for business growth…High Fives…to You! If you’re not yet on there, you should consider being there even if you only post before and after pictures of your work.

But just like any other platform there’s a right and wrong way to go about using it. Instagram is a visually social

lash business success, eyelash business success

network. So what you post needs to be visual. Pretty pictures, great colors, and fantastic shots of your work is what you need to be posting in terms of business presence for your Eyelash Extension business, or beauty business.

But as I observe and learn more on how Instagram works, I see many artists going about it all wrong. So instead of telling you what to do…I thought it would be fun to chat about how Not to get clients on Instagram.

  •  Mixing your professional before and after pictures with crazy personal pictures…or just random pictures that have nothing to do with your craft. Examples of this: pictures of your significant other sleeping…NO  pictures of dinner last night…ummm NO. And my ‘favorite’ pictures of of you and your friends at the club…N to the O! Ladies! These pictures are perfectly fine for your personal Instagram account…throw anything you want up there. But if you’re serious about your business and want clients to Choose You…get serious about what you post on your page!


  • Using #Hashtags that are trendy or made up. Hashtags are a categorical means for people to find you. While in some markets this works, but if you’re hashtagging…#Mylashesarethebomb there probably isn’t anyone else typing this into a search looking for You! What’s worse is not using any hashtags at all and then wondering…’Why isn’t anyone liking my pictures?’ Because no one ‘sees’ you, unless they’re following you and already know about you…which defeats the purpose of finding new clients. Treat hashtags like you would Keywords. Know the keywords you’re targeting and then use them and popular industry hashtags for exposure. (If you’re unsure about keywords and how to define them and use them, see the Lash Business Success DIY toolkit)


  • Using blurry or out of focus pictures. This may seem obvious but you’d be surprised. It’s great to show close up pictures of your work…in fact I encourage that, because it really shows how much detail you use when applying eyelash extensions. But if you’re device doesn’t do close up…don’t use those pictures. As a visual platform clients will not click on your picture to find more about you, because they can’t see how your work looks. Take great photos of your work. Get close to a window if possible, and increase the pixels on your device, and practice different angles and poses with clients.

Those are just a few of the biggest offenders I’m seeing. But think of your Instagram account as a professional portfolio of your work…not a diary!

If you’re looking for some guidance on blogging, website know how or how to use your social media to get more clients I’m available for Phone or Email Brainstorming sessions, or Beauty Business Booster Sessions. Email me for more details: I’d love to assist you!

Why Your Website Doesn’t Bring You New Lash Clients | Lash Business Success

A website should really ‘WORK’ for you…I mean work like when you’re lashing, it’s grabbing new clients for you. And not just when you’re lashing…but even while you’re sleeping. It’s true…and if it’s not it’s time to break up with your website.

Your website should be easy to maintain, update and change whenever you feel like it. This is of course if you’re going at it alone. If someone is doing it for you make sure it’s working double time, because it’s probably costly if and when you want to update and change it.

lash business success, eyelash extensions business, lash business

So here’s why your website isn’t working for you:

1. Your website is not mobile friendly…and Google is pushing you away. This one is a BIGGIE…as of April 20th, 2015, if your website doesn’t pass the mobile test Google will begin to slide your site further down the search positions…**No Bueno** CLICK HERE  to see if your website passes.

2. There’s not enough built in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) –  your website should have this built in so all you have to do is add in the keywords you’re targeting to position for on Google. If it takes more than 3 clicks to do this…you’re using the wrong website building platform.

3.Images are not properly tagged – Search engines like it when you tag your pictures so that they have more to crawl over on your website. The more appropriate tags, the better.

4.You’re not including your targeting keywords within text on your website – Not to have keyword overkill but within your text you should mention your targeted keywords. Again search engines like that!

In this screenshot you’ll see that my website is WORKING for me! I’m the only business give or take maybe one that is showing up on the first page here. How did I do that? Well I didn’t pay anyone to do it for me. But I did research keywords that aligned with my neighborhood/community and then strategically placed them on my website, my blog and my social media platforms….And it Worked!

If you’re not on the first page of major search engines, let’s get you there!

I’d love to chat about getting your website to Work for You! Tell me what you think in the comments!


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Lash Business Success | Giveaway for April!

I’m giving away a Lash Artist Lover Loot for April! ***And No this isn’t an April Fools Joke*** I love ya’ll too much to

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April Lash Business Success Giveaway

joke…well that’s not true…I do joke…I kid too!

Anywho, here’s what’s up for Grabs, for the month of April!

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So how do you grab it?

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Lash Business Success | 2 Ways to Not Get More Lash Clients

If you’re anything like me, when I first became trained in eyelash extensions I was for lack of better words…Broke. Brokety Broke Broke…I had been in Esthetics school for 9 months…not working just absorbing all I could in school. Of course once I graduated from school I was raring to go…∇where’s them clients at?…Δ Ummm…I’ll tell you where…not on my calendar. I needed clients and according to my thinking I needed them Fast. Not sure why I thought this…but I did? So this post is on a couple of ways to not get lash clients…at least they didn’t work for me. But if they do for you…*High Five* & Please share below!

So let me share what I did do that didn’t work so much for me:
1. Advertised in a community flyer **Cost $189** …now to be fair I did this only once and here’s why. My thinking was that this mailer was going out to over 10k homes in my immediate community. Even with a poor return of .5% that would have been something right…Nope…I got ZERO bites. Zilch…Nada. Now I’m not a professional marketer, I’m just sharing my experience…but I do know a professional marketer would say: “Well…you have to be seen or touch a potential client up to 7 times to expect a bite…Um…I call Bull Crap…Mr. Professional Marketer. At any given moment potential clients are looking for a good deal for beauty. This is why I’m a SEO Samurai…because clients find me after one search…and then they Call Me!

2. Random ‘Just Launched’ Directory Listings ***Cost $99*** This one is a tad embarrassing. Random ‘specialist’ calls eager Esthetician on the phone. THEM: “Oh hey there, we just visited your website and it’s really good. How would you like to market to every neighborhood in your community?” ME: “Really…well I built it myself…that sounds really cool. Let’s cut to the numbers…How Much?” THEM: Well as a promotional intro price it’s just $99/year with auto renewals until you cancel” ME: “That seems reasonable…sign me up!” So I’m thinking wow everything else I’ve looked into costs thousands per year…this seems like a good idea…I mean all the communities…Yes Please! —> 2 weeks later…no email from them…no follow up….no nothing…I actually forgot and then looked at my bank statement…hmmm wonder what happened with that. I call the number…and I hear: Bing Bing Bong…the number you’re trying to reach has been disconnected…blah blah blah… SERIOUSLY?! uuugh…I had been took. Luckily my bank card people are Ninjas’ and was able to get my $99 back! Phew…so yeah not a good idea. ***Now if you have a reputable community directory…by all means go for it, just might work for you. And share your return with us!** 

So what have you done that was a fail? Or just simply didn’t work? Share them below!

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Lash Business Success | Putting a Stop to No Shows/No Calls

As a Lash Artist just starting out I was full of drive and fire…(still am actually) and when I would get those calls for new appointments and immediately get super excited! “Oh wow…a new client, a new opportunity to serve someone…a new opportunity to show them what I can do, a possibility to reach their friends and family…”

I arrive at my Lash room 30 minutes early to prep and get in the zone, set up, get excited…then calm down…5

eyelash business success, lash extensions business, eyelash extensions hampton
appointment reminder

minutes before they’re set to arrive…in my excitement I would post to social media and ‘check in’ to show that I’m a working Esthetician and newly minted Lash Artist. Then I look at my phone..and realize it’s been 15 minutes…and my client…is a ‘No Show, No Call’ —Devastated…defeated and mostly embarrassed…

Does this story sound familiar? Here are a few quick tips to make sure you’re not that Lash Artist again!

1) Automate your reminders

–This I didn’t start doing till late to my game…but it’s been a game changer now. Our clients are busy…just as we are. And while some clients truly do just forget, some simply have too much going on and are horrible at juggling it all. You know those clients…they arrive all disheveled and out of sorts. Most times a gentle friendly reminder is a welcome nudge.

2) Require a credit card number 

–Again I just started doing this in the last year. Originally I felt awkward and uncomfortable requesting it. But honestly you get to a point in your Lash business where your success is important and should be respected. So I began requesting a credit card number to hold/secure new client appointments.


*UPDATE OCTOBER 2016* I now use Acuity Scheduling for all of my online appointment bookings! When I tell you that it’s been a game changer…IT’S BEEN A GAME CHANGER! no more back and forth trying to nail down appointments…and spending hours on my phone texting and emailing! Now appointments just show up on my calendar…with deposits all taken care of. Now my lash extension clients are required to put a $50 deposit down to schedule with me. I do still have maybe 5% of my regular clients that just re book during their appointment. And that’s cool…because I do it right then and there. But if you find you’re struggling with No Shows…and last minute reschedules…Online Booking will change your Lash Life!

Lash On!

Rickina, The Lash

***Welcome to The Lash CEO | Blog***

The idea behind The Lash CEO is to share visibility strategies to help you grow the Lash Business of your dreams. But getting to the business of your dreams part is a challenge when you’re new to the industry and no one knows you exist. No business! My mission is to change that and help you attract lash extension clients to you, so you won’t have to resort to the ‘cycle of appointment begging’ You’ve seen it or maybe even been guilty of it… “Book With ME” “Come Book Your Appointment, I’m available” This probably does more harm than good. But ou can break this sabatoging cycle, with smart social media, visibility strategies and SEO know how!

My mission is to help as many Lash Artists as I can achieve the goals they set for themselves for their eyelash extensions business with action-focused visibility tips and ideas based on what has worked for me.


Sign Up for Real Tips To Help Your Lash Business Flourish!


So what does that really mean? It means you won’t find pages and pages of theory…but actual tools and techniques that I’m using to grow the Lash Business of My Dreams! If I tell you about it…I’ve done it or am doing it! Each

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Lash Life tee

post will contain 1-3 easy to read action tips that you can use to put your Lash Business on track. If I can help you I will…If I can’t I’ll find someone who can.

I absolutely love this industry and during my time growing I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs…but each step has brought me to here and I’m so very blessed to have the opportunity to connect with you and get to know more about your struggles, your wins and your goals! So please feel free to ask me questions. I read all of them and try to answer them as I can!

Thank you for being here!
 lash business success

Lash Business SEO | 3 Ways to Top Google

One of my favorite ways to get new clients is with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You know your new potential client is on the hunt…She’s looking for her new go to gal for Eyelash Extensions…and if you’ve been doing your SEO magic she has just found you! Bam…front page…AND before the virtual ‘fold’ as it’s called. When you show up there your odds of getting a phone call just increased…by A LOT!

lash business search engine opimization, lash business success
first page of Google

What’s that you say…you’re not on the front page? AND you’re not before the fold…Oh No hunny…that’s not gonna do! We have to be on the front page AND before the fold. But how do you get there? ***But before I share…PLEASE PLEASE…you DO NOT have to pay anyone $100’s of dollars to get there…so remove that from you thinking!!***

You get there by having a well-thought out presence online targeting keywords clients will look for. Being found online is about a few important things.

1) Researching the keywords and keyword strings you want to be found under. For example…The keyword string I attacked once I decided to go after my Ultimate Lash Lifestyle was: “Sandbridge Lash Extensions”  Once I saw that none of my competitors were accurately targeting it. I went to work.

(Not to Brag Here…but I just want you to see that I’ve done what I share with you…and It Does Work!)And I’m pretty proud of my work…I’m killing the first page of my sought after keywords. Go ahead…type it into Google and see who’s All Over That First Page? It’s me!!(Spa~menity) *High Fives* & *Happy Dance*  

2) Posting to my blog, my website, and the various social media channels. All of these things together has given me a presence online which allows for clients to search and find me. I make sure to seek out the keywords to include in my blog posts, and also include them when I’m updating my website. The key is to make sure your website and blog has built in SEO capabilities and you’re targeting the proper keywords.

3) Be On Social Media but be picky. Some social media platforms have better SEO capabilities than others. Honestly I LOVE Pinterest…but I have yet to get ANY clients from there. It’s just not been my experience…BUT having my profile page and pins sure helps me show up on Google’s first page…*WIN* What has worked well for me is my blog. Now I may not have the time allotted to post as often as I should…but when I do or have I make sure to post articles that are always targeting my keywords and keyword strings.

So that’s a few quick tips to get those Lash CEO wheels a movin’…But listen, if you need more details or specifics on how I did it ask me below.

IF you’re looking for a little big more head over to I’d love to share even more with you!

Thanks for being Here!

Graciously, Rickina, LE

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the tools you need to grow your lash business

Lash Business Success | The Hustle IS Real

So here we are…living the Lash Life…doing what we love and serving others with our God-given talents. Armed with Lash training and know how…you’ve got your lash tool kit full of lash supplies…and you’ve got a few loyal clients on your lash bed.

And this works for awhile…until you realize…I want this to be my career…and I want more for my Lash Life. Maybe this happened to you right from the opening gate…maybe it took some time. Either

Eyelash Extension
Eyelash Extensions

way, you’re here and you’re ready to finally live what I like to call the Ultimate Lash Lifestyle.  And here’s the most beautiful part….this lifestyle can be a $50k, $70k, $100k+ life for you…If You Hustle . And I’m almost positive that because you’re here…You want that for yourself.

Here’s what it looks like: You’ve designed your schedule to adequately meet your preferred lifestyle while serving your clients with Lash and Beauty services.  You’ve set and met or meeting your monthly goals, and are on track to reach and/or exceed your yearly goals.  You’re confident, committed and a beacon of Lash success for others artists and willing to share what you’ve learned to get here.   

Ok. So what should you expect by being here or being a part of the Lash Business Network – Success?

Great action-focused information that You can use to help grow your Lash Business. A No B.S approach to what has worked for me…and what hasn’t!

A side note, I love hearing your stories and your journey too, so please do not hesitate to reach out to me or ask me questions. I’m here to help you how I can, but also remember I’m also a Lash Artist just like you, with 3 kiddos, 2 pups, and a US Navy Senior Chief hubby and I may not be able to get to every single question. But please know that I read all of my emails and try to answer them via Instagram or through a post here.

So let’s launch your Ultimate Lash Lifestyle!