New to the Eyelash Extension Business | Tips to Attract New Clients

When you’re new to your craft you’re full of lots of things. Fire, Drive, Determination…Energy… to name a few. But in many cases what you don’t have is a full marketing or advertising budget. And while this may seem like a drag…it’s actually to your advantage. Here’s why, when you have to get creative to find your new or next eyelash extension clients it forces you to dig deep.

It forces you to take inventory on what matters to you most for your lash business and push through this beginning so that you can learn how to thrive later.

how to attract new lash clients
How to Attract New Eyelash Clients

So what do you do when you’ve got your newly printed Lash Extension training certificate of completion in hand, but no clients. I’ll tell you what…YOU HUSTLE!  If you’re new to the term Hustle…let me explain.

The Lash Hustle is where you get out of your comfort zone, hit the pavement and start generating some visibility for your lash business. Here are some quick and close to no budget ways to attract new lash business clients.


**Print out some flyers on your computer. Introduce you and your lash business, let people know that you’re a newly certified professional eyelash extension artist and you’re looking to build up a beautiful portfolio and they’re invited to be a part of it! 

**Make sure what ever website platform you’re using is SEO friendly. Meaning, it’s working to bring clients to your new lash business when you are not. Ideally,  your website should be showing up on the first page of local searches so when new clients are looking for lashes, they find you!

**Offer to Lash stylists, Managers at high end retail spots, local bloggers, journalists, even radio personalities…Any local person who sees a lot of people…talk alot or are just movers and shakers in your community. You want people to be talking about you and your lashes or brows.

**Sponsor local meetings or networking events. Many times these events have light to no snacks or even water. You can offer to sponsor the water table, or snack table. Head to your bulk store, grab a couple of 50 case chip bags, and water. Set up the table at the meeting and bring your marketing materials and  a welcoming smile…and HUSTLE!

**Lash anyone who is a good candidate for a deeply discounted rate, in exchange for handing out your business cards to friends, family and heck even strangers. Introduce yourself to local dental front desk gals, bank tellers, real estate agents, even local TV anchors… Just get out there! 

***And lastly with a shameless plug: Grab a Lash and or Brow t-shirt to show your love of what you do…it’s sure to grab some attention!***

Looking for an even more in depth look at how to grow your lash business, with access to private coaching, guides,

tutorials and information exclusively for the Lash Artist? The Lash Hustlers Society may be for You!

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Lash Business Success | Eyelash Extensions Norfolk Va Beach

When was the last time you checked your business out on Google? Have you ever checked yourself out on Google? If you’re unsure if you’re showing up, or whether or not your website/blog/online profiles is working in your favor…let’s check that out and see.

I’m a Lash marketing geek. I obsess over providing lashes, buying lashes, applying lashes, and selling my lash services…so making sure I get to serve as many clients as possible has also become my obsession! The best way I know how to do this, without spending thousands of dollars every month is with Search Engine Optimization, or SEO! Most of my consistent new clients find me via Google…there’s no denying the power of a good website, that is actually working for your eyelash extension business.

It’s there working for you and ‘showing up’ for you and saying “hey look right here…this gal or dude has the lash extension super powers you’re looking for”. You’re busy trying to grow your business, and serving clients. You shouldn’t be worrying about how or where your next new client is coming from.

Now this isn’t to say you should sit on your keister and let your website do ALL  of the heavy lifting…now that would be just silly! But it should be bringing you at least 1 or 2 new clients every week. Then any efforts you do by pounding the physical or virtual pavement is just the gravy on the potatoes. Your eyelash extension business and the growth of your enterprise will rely heavily on how well you are visible.

I like to say if you’re not visible…you’re invisible. And this isn’t where your business should be…you should be out there attracting new clients. With your website, your online profiles, with your chatting up strangers, with friends tell their friends, and any community efforts you’re involved with.

BUT… if all of this is overwhelming or you’re just unsure how to even get started, it’s OK. Everyone who is successful was once, not. We all have to start somewhere and if you’re just starting..WELCOME! I’m super glad you’re here, because you’ll learn more than most will even push to know. Which is good news for you.

If you had to do one and only one thing today to grow your business, and you have all the basics complete. I would say it should be your website. It’s vital. It’s necessary. And it’s the key to your growth and future growth! Don’t sleep on this, and then wonder why 2 years from now you’re still trickling with 1 -2 clients a week.

If you’ve stumbled onto my blog here, consider this a blessing! I share tons of goodies here that will surely get you up and running and off to a great start! If you’re looking for a further step after you’ve been through here…check out the Lash Hustlers Society, it’s the next step in action-focused tips and strategies to start attracting clients to your eyelash extensions business…and start seeing real growth!


Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or comments please let me know!


The Dirty Truth About Eyelash Extension Trainers | Lash Business Success

LASH extension training, eyelash extensions, eyelash business, grow your lash businessIt’s become common place unfortunately in the eyelash extension business to churn out 25+ new eyelash extension stylists in one class…post pictures to Instagram and Facebook bragging about how awesome their training is/was.

But what is REALLY going on here? 25+ young ladies or women just looking to improve their career outlook are paying upwards of $500+ to sit elbow to elbow whilst trying to learn how to apply eyelash extensions from a projector screen in a hotel, and 1 maybe 2 instructors. Who in many cases just learned how to apply lash extensions themselves just 6 short months prior!

I’ve lost count how many times I’ve seen and heard from budding eyelash extension artists looking for more instruction on how to apply lash extensions, or even looking to simply be comfortable applying them on a live

eyelash extension training va beach, virginia lash training
full eyelash extension set

model…or who are downright ticked because they feel they were taken advantage of.

Listen…there are plenty of reputable eyelash extension companies out there who are passionate about this industry and who will take you by the hand and give you a deeper level of lash extension application, safety, sanitation, lash styling and the ins and outs of proper isolation! But good training doesn’t come cheap…and if you’re paying $500 or less for eyelash extension training…you should ask yourself…what am I truly getting for my money?

Here are some red flags to watch out for when considering training to learn eyelash extensions:

  1. The student to instructor ratio is large – For every 3-5 students there should be an instructor
  2. The cost is $500 or less…- If that instructor doesn’t value the time necessary to properly teach eyelash extensions, you should consider another instructor.
  3. The training company is constantly running ‘specials’ or deals on their training.
  4. Ask how long your instructor has been providing eyelashes…it should be at least 1-2 years…preferably longer.
  5. Look at their eyelash work…are the lashes wonky, misguided and waay too long for the clients natural eyelashes and eyes…REd Flag!

Be vigilant ladies when choosing your eyelash extension training company. There currently is no governing body officially in charge of the industry…yet. But the American Eyelash Association is on the mission to try and tackle this very issue, before trainers such as these bring the industry to ruin!


Online Beauty Marketing…Getting More Clients | Lash Business Success

Client Growth…and Getting More Clients…It’s a question I get asked the most…How Do I Grow My Business…How Do I Consistently Get New Clients? And rightly so because think about it…the best Lash Artist or Brow Boss in the world is nothing…if no one knows they exist. Or worse only a handful.

The Lash & Brow business is Booming! There are new stylists being trained every day…and more and more are being thrown into the business of well…Business. Without sufficient training on growing their business because they’re training only included a ‘Marketing’ blurb or two about having a Facebook page and handing out flyers!

Listen! If you’re learning a new skill it’s eyelash extension business, eyelash business success, successful eyelash extension business, business lash extensionsnot enough to simply learn, because skill without business fundamentals is one that will fall flat and be the vein of frustration. Unless of course you’re working in a booming salon or spa…in that case. You’re probably already ready to rock it!

But what if you don’t…or even better…what if you don’t want to fuel the dreams of someone else, and you’d rather fuel your own? Well my beautiful friend there IS a way and while it won’t happen overnight, You Can grow your business and have clients actually seeking You out…instead of you hunting new clients down.

Now I’m not saying sharing what you do with your community is off limits…far from it. You should absolutely be pounding the pavement and telling anyone willing to hear that you offer the best in Lash &/Or Brow services…and they should come check you out! Wear your Authentic Lash Life apparel, and hit the streets! Stop in banks, dentists offices, salons and bear gifts of sweets if you have to, and introduce yourself! Go Get Out There!

Getting new beauty clients is a ‘get the ball rolling’ kind of deal. There are several platforms that can work in your favor if you nurture them as needed to grow!

But let’s be clear! What I’m talking about isn’t paying for a super expensive SEO company to do it for you…If you have $400+ a month to dedicate to that I can surely recommend a great company. But I’m guessing you don’t have $400+ a month to spend. I know I didn’t when I started out…I barely had enough money to purchase supplies, so I sure as heck couldn’t afford a reoccurring expense from the beginning, just the thought of that was terrifying!

Nope, what I’m talking about is using the free technology available to you right now to start bringing clients to you! Getting this technology to do the client seeking for you, and having clients calling You and requesting appointments. So you can focus on serving your clients and grow your business.

The goal being to stop begging for appointments on Social Media and start enjoying clients reaching out to You!

If this sounds like You and you want to have clients seeking you out, let’s look at my 3 Favorite Client Attracting Online Platforms!

  1. Google+ , If you have a gmail account you’re already one step closer to using it to post to your Google + profile and start showing up better in Google searches.                                                                                                     Google loves to show it’s own products…Use That!                                                                                                                         ** The key here is this: Set that email up with your Business name in the profile.                                                       **Update all your business information correctly and completely                                                                                  ** Upload pictures of your eyelash extension work                                                                                                               **Download the Google+ app on to your phone, for easy daily posting and updating
    **Aim for posting something to your profile at least once a day
  2. Blogging. If you do not have a blog yet, getting one is super easy. And if you have one and simply don’t utilize it, adding a post to it every couple of weeks will help increase your lash extension search rankings. I use because I have my own domain name(example: and I’ve purchased domain hosting. Basically hosting is where all of my blog, website, files and images ‘live’ on the web. If you’re not ready to step into domain hosting(it’s very cheap at less than $20 a year), you can use or Blogger.  Blogging gives the search engines another nugget of information to find you and push you higher up in search listings.
  3. Website. If you’ve read anything I’ve posted about being found on Google, you know that above anything else you NEED a website…and not just any website. But one that actually works for you while you serve clients. Your website should have SEO(Search Engine Optimization) built into it, and should make it very easy to update on the fly. Even if you take small steps to accomplish these 3 tasks, if you have to choose one to start…THIS IS IT! Your website is what many potential eyelash extension clients will see first as the representation of you and your business. Make it a Fabulous one!

Those are my 3 Top favorite tools to gain new clients for my eyelash and eyebrow business. They’ve become my machine that cranks in new clients week after week. I don’t need to post  “Appointments Available” or “Why Haven’t You Scheduled Your Appointment Yet?” 

Now clients find me and reach out to me for appointments…which allows me time to focus more on outstanding service and growing my beauty business!

Tell More People About Eyelash Extensions | Get More Clients

It’s a fact…the more people that know about your eyelash extension and beauty business the more clients could be calling You! But what should you do if you don’t have much budget to spring for high dollar advertising?

You take to the streets and Guerrilla GrassRoot your efforts. What do I mean by that? I mean get out there and meet clients where they already are. Whether that be at a hair salon, summer events, past clients who have lost touch, or bridal studios. Wherever there are people who care about their appearance is where you should meet them.

If you’re not naturally an extrovert with strangers, no worries I’ll share some clever ways to get attention and at least get some phone calls!

***Special Invite*** Everyone likes to feel invited…no matter what it is. Why not set up a special day(Monday’s perhaps) where you can service local hair stylists and salon owners with discounted services. They get a great deal on lashes and beauty…and then they tell their clients about You! I put together a cute little Thank You/You’re Invited bag to hang on doors of salons to grab attention and invite them to this special Stylist and Owner day.

eyelash business, business of lashes, lash business success, eyebrow business, clever ways to get clients
Grab Attention | Get More Lash & Beauty Clients

***Food Bribery*** Who can’t be bribed with a yummy goody or two? I’m working on connecting with my local radio jockeys and offer my services to the gals on air in exchange for a quick shout out about my services. Chances are if you show up with Krispy Kreme and some flyers or a business card you’ll get some credit with the jockeys and maybe an on-air shout.

There are plenty of creative ways to get new clients, you just have to think outside of your creative box.

What other ways are you gaining new clients for your lash and beauty business? Let’s brainstorm them out in the comments!


How Not To Get More Clients with Instagram | Lash Business Success

So Instagram…It’s pretty awesome! If you’re utilizing Instagram for business growth…High Fives…to You! If you’re not yet on there, you should consider being there even if you only post before and after pictures of your work.

But just like any other platform there’s a right and wrong way to go about using it. Instagram is a visually social

lash business success, eyelash business success

network. So what you post needs to be visual. Pretty pictures, great colors, and fantastic shots of your work is what you need to be posting in terms of business presence for your Eyelash Extension business, or beauty business.

But as I observe and learn more on how Instagram works, I see many artists going about it all wrong. So instead of telling you what to do…I thought it would be fun to chat about how Not to get clients on Instagram.

  •  Mixing your professional before and after pictures with crazy personal pictures…or just random pictures that have nothing to do with your craft. Examples of this: pictures of your significant other sleeping…NO  pictures of dinner last night…ummm NO. And my ‘favorite’ pictures of of you and your friends at the club…N to the O! Ladies! These pictures are perfectly fine for your personal Instagram account…throw anything you want up there. But if you’re serious about your business and want clients to Choose You…get serious about what you post on your page!


  • Using #Hashtags that are trendy or made up. Hashtags are a categorical means for people to find you. While in some markets this works, but if you’re hashtagging…#Mylashesarethebomb there probably isn’t anyone else typing this into a search looking for You! What’s worse is not using any hashtags at all and then wondering…’Why isn’t anyone liking my pictures?’ Because no one ‘sees’ you, unless they’re following you and already know about you…which defeats the purpose of finding new clients. Treat hashtags like you would Keywords. Know the keywords you’re targeting and then use them and popular industry hashtags for exposure. (If you’re unsure about keywords and how to define them and use them, see the Lash Business Success DIY toolkit)


  • Using blurry or out of focus pictures. This may seem obvious but you’d be surprised. It’s great to show close up pictures of your work…in fact I encourage that, because it really shows how much detail you use when applying eyelash extensions. But if you’re device doesn’t do close up…don’t use those pictures. As a visual platform clients will not click on your picture to find more about you, because they can’t see how your work looks. Take great photos of your work. Get close to a window if possible, and increase the pixels on your device, and practice different angles and poses with clients.

Those are just a few of the biggest offenders I’m seeing. But think of your Instagram account as a professional portfolio of your work…not a diary!

If you’re looking for some guidance on blogging, website know how or how to use your social media to get more clients I’m available for Phone or Email Brainstorming sessions, or Beauty Business Booster Sessions. Email me for more details: I’d love to assist you!

Eyebrow Extension Parties, Clever Ways to Get More Clients | Lash Business Success

Home parties have been growing in population for many years now, but for the most part as beauty professionals tapping into this was a challenge. With the exception of Make Up Artists and Spray Tanning…hosting an Eyelash Extension party meant that you needed a few Lash Extension techs working with you to make it work. And a waxing party is just…weird.

Enter Eyebrow Extensions, and if you’re efficient you can bang out a few clients in an hour or so depending on the extent of their brow loss. So what better way to introduce this service to more potential clients than by having a party? You’ll find that if you look outside of our industry you can mimic wildly successful marketing and advertising

Eyebrow Extensions Va Beach, Eyelash Extensions Va Beach
Eyebrow Extensions Va Beach

initiatives. Here’s how I present the idea:

  • The host received a free brow set
  • Set a minimum of at least 3 guests
  • Give the attending guests vouchers to redeem for their brow fill with $5-10 off.
  • Also give them materials on proper care
  • Bring coupons that those attending can give to their circle of friends…Spread the Love!
  • Bring light appetizers, snacks and drinks

The idea is to grow each event so that you get more appointments made with each event. Give incentives for scheduling an appointment with you during the party. It’s exactly what happens as a Pampered Chef party or an Origami Owl party. Have you ever been? Think back and take cues from what you saw…and simply apply it to your Eyebrow Extension party…Perfection!

Eyelash Extension Business Card 101 | Lash Business Success

Grab your lash extension business card for a moment…what’s on it? The obvious necessities right? Business name, phone, email, location, website… But are you including a powerful way to keep your eyelash or brow services fresh in potential clients minds?

We live in an obnoxiously noisy advertising/marketing world. Your potential clients are constantly flooded with noisy propaganda. So how do you cut through that and leave a lasting mark?

You’ve probably probably figured it out that your material that you hand out needs to grab attention and make a punch. I’m a visual person and I respond best to visual cues…and trust me that many of your loyal clients will respond positively to stimulating images too. (Proof of this is when you lash a client and give them a mirror to see their new lashed look. It’s the most exciting part of being an eyelash extension artist, I’ve been known to squeal, schreech and/or howl….out of shear joy and excitement for them!)

Here are some great ways to keep a lasting impression:

  1. Include great photos of your work. Clear, well lit pictures of your work.  If it’s blurry don’t use it. If the resolution isn’t large enough for the print house you’re using you’ll need to adjust the settings on your phone, or use some good ole’ Photoshop to fix that. But no matter what use pictures that represent You and your amazing work!
  2. Give them a reason to keep your business card or handout. Include a value added bonus if they schedule an appointment and bring the card with them. Free sample of lashpoo, a free mini lip balm or scrub, free brow maintenance something worth scheduling for. I like value over discounts in most cases…but if you see that discounts work better. Do what works best for You!

I’ve included some of my past marketing materials I’ve used as examples.

lash business success, eyelash business tips, beauty business growth tips, grow your beauty business, grow your eyelash business, grow your lash extension business
Eyelash Extensions Va Beach



Need some creative pushing or input? I’d love to help you out! All of my Lash Business Success Masters get marketing material and design help included in their toolkit tuition!

Join the LBS Lash Life to learn when the next class launches!

Bring in New Eyelash Clients by Blogging | Lash Business Success

As you read this post about blogging you might be wondering if blogging really does bring new Eyelash Extension clients to you…my answer to you beautiful is Yes! Blogging does a few mentionable tasks.

  1. It helps potential clients get a better look into who you are as an eyelash extension artist and as a professional.eyelash extension business, eyelash business success, successful eyelash extension business, business lash extensions
  2. It grows your online presence. Which is a positive step in the right direction to securing a first page position on Google. Where potential clients will look if they’re trying to find ________________(insert your neighborhood) _eyelash extensions_
  3. It begins to help you stand out amongst your competition. My experience has shown that many lash extension like the idea of blogging and will even have a page called ‘blog’ on their websites. But then you click on it, and there’s one post from 2 years ago. Google has said buh-bye to that blog. And you can believe it’s not showing up on Google as well as it could be. —–This spells opportunity for You—-

Now before you say, “Yeah but I’m really busy” or “I don’t know what to blog about”. Let me say this. Even if you can find 15 minutes to write a post and post once a week, you’re doing better than 85% of your competition…probably better.

A great way to come up with ideas to blog about is feed off of trends happening right now. Whether it’s fashion or beauty related you can spin it to make it relevant that clients would find interesting.

You could blog about good rule of thumb aftercare tips, the latest trends in lash styles, proper application, what to ask your Lash Extension Artist before their appointment. You can brainstorm and come up with plenty of good topics.

If you’re unsure how to get a blog,  and how to craft the exact post title to make Google take notice I’d love to help you with that!

Do you have a blogging question, let’s chat it out in the comments!


Be ready to join the Lash Business Success Masters course on May 1, 2015. I’ll be accepting only 25 Lash Artists. Because in addition to teaching them how to better their Lash Business, we’ll have the opportunity to work together to go over their website, blog, and tackle personal road blocks in their business life! I’d love to help You!

Why Your Website Doesn’t Bring You New Lash Clients | Lash Business Success

A website should really ‘WORK’ for you…I mean work like when you’re lashing, it’s grabbing new clients for you. And not just when you’re lashing…but even while you’re sleeping. It’s true…and if it’s not it’s time to break up with your website.

Your website should be easy to maintain, update and change whenever you feel like it. This is of course if you’re going at it alone. If someone is doing it for you make sure it’s working double time, because it’s probably costly if and when you want to update and change it.

lash business success, eyelash extensions business, lash business

So here’s why your website isn’t working for you:

1. Your website is not mobile friendly…and Google is pushing you away. This one is a BIGGIE…as of April 20th, 2015, if your website doesn’t pass the mobile test Google will begin to slide your site further down the search positions…**No Bueno** CLICK HERE  to see if your website passes.

2. There’s not enough built in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) –  your website should have this built in so all you have to do is add in the keywords you’re targeting to position for on Google. If it takes more than 3 clicks to do this…you’re using the wrong website building platform.

3.Images are not properly tagged – Search engines like it when you tag your pictures so that they have more to crawl over on your website. The more appropriate tags, the better.

4.You’re not including your targeting keywords within text on your website – Not to have keyword overkill but within your text you should mention your targeted keywords. Again search engines like that!

In this screenshot you’ll see that my website is WORKING for me! I’m the only business give or take maybe one that is showing up on the first page here. How did I do that? Well I didn’t pay anyone to do it for me. But I did research keywords that aligned with my neighborhood/community and then strategically placed them on my website, my blog and my social media platforms….And it Worked!

If you’re not on the first page of major search engines, let’s get you there!

I’d love to chat about getting your website to Work for You! Tell me what you think in the comments!


The ‘Lash Business Success Masters class is launching May 1, 2015. If you’re on the LBS Lash Life you’ll get to join us first before I open it up to my other readers and followers.  This class is for you if you: Are new to Lashing & Business, Or Want to Grow Your Business with more returning, and referring clients! Would love to have you! I’ll be accepting 25 Lash Artists…make sure you’re one of them!