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Build a Fabulous SEO ready website

The lash industry is so fabulous…it’s visual, it’s beautiful and as professional beauty stylists it’s our job to create an online presence that not only showcases our beautiful work. But that also is the first impression of our lash business and our professionalism.

But more times than not, we may be stuck with cookie cutter ‘freebie’ websites that come as an addon to another service or product. When your lash business website should be first and foremost when you decide that you’re going to take the leap and offer this service…or any other service or business.

Your website should be a virtual team member on your team, working 24/7 365 for you bringing in new clients and beautifully presenting them to you.

But creating a beautifully designed well planned lash website can be a bit overwhelming….with the thousands of platforms available and that many designers wanting your business.

If you’re anything like I was when I first started my business…you don’t have a large budget for design, marketing advertising etc… But you NEED a website, and you NEED people to see it and contact you about your services.

So what do you do? I may have a solution that I wish was available when I first got started with my Lash business.

The Lash Stylists’ Guide to a Beauti-Fully Designed, SEO Fabulous Website. Because it’s not enough to have a pretty website…while important, your website needs to WORK!

And it does that by being seen, and getting you new clients to reach out to you and inquire about your services.

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Grow Your Lash Business

This guide and many others will be available to you, if you choose to join us in the Lash Hustlers Society~!

If you’re a Lash Stylist and your lash business could use some growth in its’ life…the Lash Hustlers Society is for YOU!


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Tell More People About Eyelash Extensions | Get More Clients

It’s a fact…the more people that know about your eyelash extension and beauty business the more clients could be calling You! But what should you do if you don’t have much budget to spring for high dollar advertising?

You take to the streets and Guerrilla GrassRoot your efforts. What do I mean by that? I mean get out there and meet clients where they already are. Whether that be at a hair salon, summer events, past clients who have lost touch, or bridal studios. Wherever there are people who care about their appearance is where you should meet them.

If you’re not naturally an extrovert with strangers, no worries I’ll share some clever ways to get attention and at least get some phone calls!

***Special Invite*** Everyone likes to feel invited…no matter what it is. Why not set up a special day(Monday’s perhaps) where you can service local hair stylists and salon owners with discounted services. They get a great deal on lashes and beauty…and then they tell their clients about You! I put together a cute little Thank You/You’re Invited bag to hang on doors of salons to grab attention and invite them to this special Stylist and Owner day.

eyelash business, business of lashes, lash business success, eyebrow business, clever ways to get clients
Grab Attention | Get More Lash & Beauty Clients

***Food Bribery*** Who can’t be bribed with a yummy goody or two? I’m working on connecting with my local radio jockeys and offer my services to the gals on air in exchange for a quick shout out about my services. Chances are if you show up with Krispy Kreme and some flyers or a business card you’ll get some credit with the jockeys and maybe an on-air shout.

There are plenty of creative ways to get new clients, you just have to think outside of your creative box.

What other ways are you gaining new clients for your lash and beauty business? Let’s brainstorm them out in the comments!


Lash Business Success | Promoting You & Your Eyelash Extension Business

Your business cards, promotional flyers, handouts and just plain ole’ conversation are all ways you’re probably already promoting yourself and your eyelash extension business. But what else can you be doing to help boost your clientele and your calendar?

Here are few ideas to get you rolling:

Lash Business Success1) Active Adult communities: These little gems are service business gold. Not only do ladies here still care about their appearance, they have the income to pay for it! You can even meet with the event coordinator and ask if you can come set up and run live demos once a month about lash extensions, brow extensions and make up. It’s a known fact that Mother Nature isn’t the friendliest as we age…why not help these ladies bring back some beauty pep in their step!

2) Craft Shows: Stay with me for a minute…most times these shows consist of the same ole…same ole…jewelry…direct marketing pills, shakes, and wraps…But what if you show up with a gorgeous table and chat it up about eyelash extensions or brow extensions…maybe even give demonstrations? The ladies here will not be expecting to see you there…Win! I’m actually planning on hitting up a few of these this season. I participated in a raffle giveaway at one of the elementary schools just last week, and the winner already booked her appointment and came to see me..She loved her lashes! Win*

Bring in New Eyelash Clients by Blogging | Lash Business Success

As you read this post about blogging you might be wondering if blogging really does bring new Eyelash Extension clients to you…my answer to you beautiful is Yes! Blogging does a few mentionable tasks.

  1. It helps potential clients get a better look into who you are as an eyelash extension artist and as a professional.eyelash extension business, eyelash business success, successful eyelash extension business, business lash extensions
  2. It grows your online presence. Which is a positive step in the right direction to securing a first page position on Google. Where potential clients will look if they’re trying to find ________________(insert your neighborhood) _eyelash extensions_
  3. It begins to help you stand out amongst your competition. My experience has shown that many lash extension like the idea of blogging and will even have a page called ‘blog’ on their websites. But then you click on it, and there’s one post from 2 years ago. Google has said buh-bye to that blog. And you can believe it’s not showing up on Google as well as it could be. —–This spells opportunity for You—-

Now before you say, “Yeah but I’m really busy” or “I don’t know what to blog about”. Let me say this. Even if you can find 15 minutes to write a post and post once a week, you’re doing better than 85% of your competition…probably better.

A great way to come up with ideas to blog about is feed off of trends happening right now. Whether it’s fashion or beauty related you can spin it to make it relevant that clients would find interesting.

You could blog about good rule of thumb aftercare tips, the latest trends in lash styles, proper application, what to ask your Lash Extension Artist before their appointment. You can brainstorm and come up with plenty of good topics.

If you’re unsure how to get a blog,  and how to craft the exact post title to make Google take notice I’d love to help you with that!

Do you have a blogging question, let’s chat it out in the comments!


Be ready to join the Lash Business Success Masters course on May 1, 2015. I’ll be accepting only 25 Lash Artists. Because in addition to teaching them how to better their Lash Business, we’ll have the opportunity to work together to go over their website, blog, and tackle personal road blocks in their business life! I’d love to help You!

Getting Clients That Refer Others | Lash Business Success

When I was first starting out in the Lash Extension business on my own I knew I needed more clients. And if you’re in the beauty business having an abundance of clients is what will keep you busy month after month. But not only clients but you need their friends and their friends too. But how do you do that if you’re new and you’re still building up your skills and confidence? You make yourself irresistible and give clients a compelling reason to come to you and give your services a shot!

Look…I’m gonna assume that you’ve got that fire in you to do great things. So now you just have to share that with every single person you meet that could become a client. I honestly had a slight problem with this when I was just starting out. I had the fire but it was more like a kindling…I wasn’t an extrovert and completing this for me was really tough. I wanted others to know that I was ‘In Business’ but I was under mining myself and nervous that I wouldn’t be good enough.

Time, practice and more practice helped with this and also realizing that I was meant to do this. I was given this ability, and I’m at my best when I’m serving others with beauty. So I doubled back to my goals and the time I set out to achieve them and made the decision to push past the zone of comfyness, and chase after my goals. And I couldn’t do that being shy!

Some time before all of this I remember seeing a half folded $20 bill on the ground…naturally I stopped to pick it up. Only to find out that it was a business card…slightly ticked I tossed it in the trash. But then I realized what just happened…that faux $20 bill made me stop what I was doing and pick it up! *Genius* 

I set out to create my own version of this, and called them Beauty Bucks…not all that original but they work for sure!

lash business success, eyelash busienss
Beauty Bucks Lash Business Success

Just a few Google clicks to get an idea of what I wanted mine to look like. Then over to Photoshop (my ultimate  can’t live without Go To for all things marketing, logo and design) added a lil me pink. And Viola…Beauty Bucks. 

I give these out to clients by themselves or within their Aftercare Kits. And I make sure I tell them that in addition to enjoying the face value off of Eyelash Extensions, they can choose to keep it or pass it to a friend, or both!

If you need an easy way to share your lash, beauty or brow services I’m a fan of Beauty Bucks. They’re easy to give out and it brings clients to You…it brings them back…and it brings referrals too! Wow…how many wins is that?

What other types of promotional tools do you use that help you share your amazing talent and services? I’d love to hear them below!

How to Charge What You’re Worth | Lash Business Success

It’s a familiar dilemma to many beauty professionals just starting out in their career. You’re new, you have a handful of clients if any and you’re hungry for business. So you do what most of do/did…charge cheap to get the attention of someone, anyone…to get them into your chair, or treatment room.

But how does charging cheap really affect you? Let’s look at just a few:

1) Charging below what you’re worth makes you feel resentful at the end of the day. It may feel wonderful in the beginning, but when you begin to feel your worth…you’ll start second guessing that decision to charge cheap.

2) Charging cheap tends to bring cheap lash extension clients. You know the types…asking for more deals. Showing up late, or without following your instructions. Blatantly letting you know they’ll ‘be back’ when you’re running another deal…Uuugh. Clients like this are toxic to your Lash Life, and not to be included on your ascending upward movement.

lash extension business, lash business success
be happy be paid what you’re worth

So you might be thinking…” So how do I charge what I’m worth when I’m just starting out?”
Let’s tackle that!

A) Once you’ve done your local market research, written your goals down and on put them on a timeline, you should have an idea on what you’d like to charge for a full set of eyelash extensions, or your most expensive beauty service.

B) Now make sure this ‘Retail’ pricing is on your website, and everywhere you share your services.

C) Now because you are new, it’s perfectly OK to discount your retail pricing. But call it something creative like: Model Portfolio price, or Casting Call pricing. Make these first few clients feel like they’re getting in on a secret or a privilege. But be sure to let them know that after this initial full set, fill ins and subsequent full lash sets will be retail price.

Clients that value your amazing work will happily come back to you for your services. Especially if you include some value with your services and you do exceptional work. But don’t freak out if while you’re in the portfolio building phase you have a client or two with results less than perfect. Every beauty professional will have a client or two like this. Here’s my take on this: own up to the issue, and with a glad heart vow to make it right. If that means fixing it at no charge so be it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to fix some lashes, because for whatever reason they had one eye shed or fall out way too soon. But I stand behind my work and fix them. They love this professionalism and I get to keep that client.

Lash Business Success | What’s Your Lash Life Story

We all have one…a story. How we got to this part of our ‘Lash Lifestyle’, what decisions brought us here…and where we wanna go in 2015 and beyond. I wanna hear your story.

lash business success, lash business tipsWhat pivotal moment did it happen for you? When did you know you were going to be a Lash Artist? My story is/was a jagged trajectory. All over the place…plenty of downs…almost too many that were crippling…with little to no hope in sight. And I don’t want to be the only one sharing…so I’ll be happy to share my story…if You will share yours.

So let’s hear it…What does your Lash Life look like?

Lash Business Success | Giveaway for April!

I’m giving away a Lash Artist Lover Loot for April! ***And No this isn’t an April Fools Joke*** I love ya’ll too much to

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April Lash Business Success Giveaway

joke…well that’s not true…I do joke…I kid too!

Anywho, here’s what’s up for Grabs, for the month of April!

1). A gorgeous poppy set of Volume Spring Color Lashes, .10, 12mm
2.) A Lash Work Mirror
3.) And 100 glue cups

A great little Thank You for all of you who are following me on Instagram and sharing your insight, feedback and asking questions! This community has been the best thing that has happened to my Lash journey next to my fabulous clients of course.

So how do you grab it?

***Comment Below, with how you’d like to grow your Lash Business in 2015
***Follow me on Instagram ___lash____business___tips (If you’re not already)
*** Repost my Giveaway post on Instagram and hastag it: #LashBusinessWin and tag one Lash Artist you admire!

That’s it! Once you’ve done that simply let me know on Instagram or on here!

Winner randomly chosen and announced on APRIL 8TH, BETWEEN 8PM AND MIDNIGHT EASTERN TIME!


Lash Business Success | 2 Ways to Not Get More Lash Clients

If you’re anything like me, when I first became trained in eyelash extensions I was for lack of better words…Broke. Brokety Broke Broke…I had been in Esthetics school for 9 months…not working just absorbing all I could in school. Of course once I graduated from school I was raring to go…∇where’s them clients at?…Δ Ummm…I’ll tell you where…not on my calendar. I needed clients and according to my thinking I needed them Fast. Not sure why I thought this…but I did? So this post is on a couple of ways to not get lash clients…at least they didn’t work for me. But if they do for you…*High Five* & Please share below!

So let me share what I did do that didn’t work so much for me:
1. Advertised in a community flyer **Cost $189** …now to be fair I did this only once and here’s why. My thinking was that this mailer was going out to over 10k homes in my immediate community. Even with a poor return of .5% that would have been something right…Nope…I got ZERO bites. Zilch…Nada. Now I’m not a professional marketer, I’m just sharing my experience…but I do know a professional marketer would say: “Well…you have to be seen or touch a potential client up to 7 times to expect a bite…Um…I call Bull Crap…Mr. Professional Marketer. At any given moment potential clients are looking for a good deal for beauty. This is why I’m a SEO Samurai…because clients find me after one search…and then they Call Me!

2. Random ‘Just Launched’ Directory Listings ***Cost $99*** This one is a tad embarrassing. Random ‘specialist’ calls eager Esthetician on the phone. THEM: “Oh hey there, we just visited your website and it’s really good. How would you like to market to every neighborhood in your community?” ME: “Really…well I built it myself…that sounds really cool. Let’s cut to the numbers…How Much?” THEM: Well as a promotional intro price it’s just $99/year with auto renewals until you cancel” ME: “That seems reasonable…sign me up!” So I’m thinking wow everything else I’ve looked into costs thousands per year…this seems like a good idea…I mean all the communities…Yes Please! —> 2 weeks later…no email from them…no follow up….no nothing…I actually forgot and then looked at my bank statement…hmmm wonder what happened with that. I call the number…and I hear: Bing Bing Bong…the number you’re trying to reach has been disconnected…blah blah blah… SERIOUSLY?! uuugh…I had been took. Luckily my bank card people are Ninjas’ and was able to get my $99 back! Phew…so yeah not a good idea. ***Now if you have a reputable community directory…by all means go for it, just might work for you. And share your return with us!** 

So what have you done that was a fail? Or just simply didn’t work? Share them below!

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Lash Business Success | Putting a Stop to No Shows/No Calls

As a Lash Artist just starting out I was full of drive and fire…(still am actually) and when I would get those calls for new appointments and immediately get super excited! “Oh wow…a new client, a new opportunity to serve someone…a new opportunity to show them what I can do, a possibility to reach their friends and family…”

I arrive at my Lash room 30 minutes early to prep and get in the zone, set up, get excited…then calm down…5

eyelash business success, lash extensions business, eyelash extensions hampton
appointment reminder

minutes before they’re set to arrive…in my excitement I would post to social media and ‘check in’ to show that I’m a working Esthetician and newly minted Lash Artist. Then I look at my phone..and realize it’s been 15 minutes…and my client…is a ‘No Show, No Call’ —Devastated…defeated and mostly embarrassed…

Does this story sound familiar? Here are a few quick tips to make sure you’re not that Lash Artist again!

1) Automate your reminders

–This I didn’t start doing till late to my game…but it’s been a game changer now. Our clients are busy…just as we are. And while some clients truly do just forget, some simply have too much going on and are horrible at juggling it all. You know those clients…they arrive all disheveled and out of sorts. Most times a gentle friendly reminder is a welcome nudge.

2) Require a credit card number 

–Again I just started doing this in the last year. Originally I felt awkward and uncomfortable requesting it. But honestly you get to a point in your Lash business where your success is important and should be respected. So I began requesting a credit card number to hold/secure new client appointments.


*UPDATE OCTOBER 2016* I now use Acuity Scheduling for all of my online appointment bookings! When I tell you that it’s been a game changer…IT’S BEEN A GAME CHANGER! no more back and forth trying to nail down appointments…and spending hours on my phone texting and emailing! Now appointments just show up on my calendar…with deposits all taken care of. Now my lash extension clients are required to put a $50 deposit down to schedule with me. I do still have maybe 5% of my regular clients that just re book during their appointment. And that’s cool…because I do it right then and there. But if you find you’re struggling with No Shows…and last minute reschedules…Online Booking will change your Lash Life!

Lash On!

Rickina, The Lash