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14 thoughts on “Lash CEO Authentic Lash Apparel

  1. Hello everyone, my goal is to open a one stop shop for lashes,nails,and skin. I really don’t know how to get started and what steps I need to take to make this happen. For example how do I hire the right lash tech and so on.

    Many thanks

    1. Hi,Viviana!🙋
      Thank you for commenting! I love those types of ambitious goals. I think a great starting point is with You. Decide if you’re going to be certified to offer all of these services, or will you be more a manager of them. There plenty of steps between hiring and launching. I think once you get the foundation of your business in place you can better make decisions in regards to the business. You never know you may find once you are open for business that you are busier for one service vs another. Good Luck in your adventure!

  2. Hello everyone, im so excited i found this page. Its 1am and i cant sleep cos i have my lash training on a live model tomorrow. Im so scared. Isolating lashes have been difficult for me. Placing them to align on the natural lashes is tough too. Did you feel like this initially too? I hope i do well. I really want to make good with this

    1. Hi Mo! Isolating is something you surely get better doing with time and practice!
      The more you can practice this the better. Don’t psych yourself out too much,
      it certainly something you’ll get more comfortable with. You’ll do great!
      I was in the Navy for 4 years and I worked on H-53E Helicopters & F14 Jets,
      so my background includes working with both hands, and I feel that has really
      helped me excel in the industry. Keep me updated on your progress, Good LUck!

  3. I’m a certified lash tech and I need to take a refresher course I also plan on implementing services that I have to become certified in first. The cost of schools is higher than I thought so any ideas as to what type of free funding for single mothers who want to establish their own business even if it is in the beauty industry?

    1. Hi Ayrica,
      I wish I had a better solution to this challenge. The best advice I can give is to reach out to local business associations and seek out education grants. You could also consider working with a lash bar or salon in exchange for some training? Think outside of the norm, to find a solution. Good Luck

  4. Hello Everyone, I’m so happy and excited i found this page. I have beauty business that specializes in eyelash and eyebrow extension. but sometimes i got stuck to marketing my business. because in my country this business is growing and many other beauty salon provide the same service. but my goal is give the best services and quality for every beauty clients. but it’s not only a service and quality i want them to know the sense about eyelash extension itself. As you know customers love to compare every little things.
    So, can you give me some advice what can i do to promote my business to next level? thank you very much.


    1. Hi Regina,
      Sorry for the late response! The best way to differentiate yourself among your competitors is by educating them. Answer questions that the public wants to know about extensions. Share tips, and tricks for aftercare. Share how to choose the best stylist…inform them to build trust. This creates value for you and your knowledge, and it becomes less about price, but more about service and value. Good Luck

  5. Hello I received my certification to do lashes almost 2 years ago however my job kept me super busy and stressed and I never had the time to practice. Now I’m wanting to get my lash business up and running but I so desperately need a refresher course. The company I got certified with is way too expensive for me right now. I feel stuck and afraid to approach people because of my skill level. By the way I left the other job and now I’m full-time in a salon (doing hair). Would I be wrong to apply at a lash studio in order to get some experience? What should I do?

    1. Hi Elaine,
      apologies for the late reply. so many spam comments to sift through. I think if the salon is accepting lash artists at all levels it would be a great idea to start there to get your feet wet again. I would certainly be honest about your comfort level and that you’re getting back in the game. Do not let yourself be afraid! There are 2 things that can happen when you step out and do something you enjoy…people can either say No or Yes! So no matter what just push forward no matter what. We all start at 0! Good Luck

  6. Hello!

    1st. Your YouTube videos are awesome and so informative. Thank you being selfless in sharing your tips, tricks and overall knowledge, it is so helpful. 🙂

    My 1st question is how did you end renting a room in a salon? Did you need to bring your own clientele? When you first started doing lashes, did you do them in your home and/ or home visits to clients? Ideally I aspire to have a similar situation as you or my own boutique in the future.

    My 2nd question. You mentioned you have kids and I’m married, w/ a young toddler as well and I work full time in admin. How do you manage beauty school, family time and be able to start a business? I’m still learning to balance it all.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read and hopefully respond to my email. If i am every in the VA area I will def come for a lash visit.

    1. Hi Whitney! Thank you for connecting with me on YouTube and for taking a moment to comment here and ask questions!
      Ok, so my room rent. One of my friends get’s her hair done where I now rent my room. She knew the owner wanted someone
      renting the room and knew I was finishing school so she let me know about it. It has been a perfect match every since.
      I had to bring every single one of my own clients, which was very challenging at first. It was also during this time I found
      out we were pregnant with child number 3. So I used Groupon and Living Social to market my new services and get my first few clients.
      I did this till I returned to the salon in April of 2014. During this time I was also blogging and working on my website to best
      attract clients to my lash extension business.

      My husband was a big help during all of this because while I was in Esthetics school he was super supportive. I had no job and was
      doing school full time, so he was a huge reason why I made it through that, and was able to jump right in before graduating and start my business.
      I will also mention that I had launched and tried to run several businesses in the past…they were not entirely successful, but I learned
      a lot along the way during those fails. Balance is near impossible…I won’t sugar coat that. You just have to determine early on where your business
      goals and boundaries lie. Prepare for it from the beginning, so when it is happening you know how to handle it. There are times where
      I probably miss important stuff, and it sucks but I try to make up for it how I can. I arrange my schedule so I work very part time hours so I can
      best be a mom to my 3 kiddos how I can. Especially since my husband is in the Navy.

      Best thing I can say to do is, if you know this is your passion and you’re choosing it as a career. Be serious about it from the start. Build a website, and learn how to attract clients, instead of trying to get them by begging for appointments or low-ballin’ your prices. This never serves your business well in the long run. If you haven’t stopped by there are great resources there for you too! Hope that helps ~Rickina

  7. First off, I am so happy I found you! I was trained and certified almost four years ago on classic lash application. I come from a very small country town in upstate NY near the Adirondack Mountains. You can imagine, not being from a city area where there is more jobs, that getting my lash business up and growing has been rather difficult for me. I even reduced my prices to get up and going and that didn’t seem to help much, as well as giving out raffles for free lash application to promote and hopefully gather more clientele. None of this worked. For me, my closest competition is in Syracuse NY, which for me is 2 hours away, you’d think I would crazy busy. My business is FINALLY starting to take off, and by take off I mean I only have about 10 clients which in most cases is sad, but for me and the area I live in, well, I get by. The plus is that I am reaching more people, and they are following my business page. I have considered starting a blog where potential clients can shoot over, test my knowledge, see my skills and hopefully bring more clients. Two questions, what advice do you have for a girl who lives in a small town? And, what are your thoughts on starting a blog for my business? Thank you ever so much!

    1. Hi Kelly, Thank you so much for sharing your story, and background. I think you’re on the right track with wanting to start a blog, absolutely. I would also consider either adding more value to your full sets, or increasing your prices just a smidge. You really should be paid what you’re worth, and because your business is gaining traction it may be a good time to consider those options. A blog is a fabulous way to begin reaching more clients and becoming a local authority on lash extensions in your community. You begin to build trust and that begins to build a solid reputation, all good things. Hope that helps. Stop by and let’s stay connected!

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