The Lash CEO | Why You Should Blog to Attract More Lash Extensions Clients

It used to be that you could learn a new skill or trade, print a few business cards throw up a Facebook page and you’d be in business. Driving new clients to your treatment room. But if you’re new to the lash industry, or new to launching a business in today’s digital market you probably found out the hard way that this now rarely leads to a steady flow of clients. Instead it’s a steady flow of frustration and time wasted.

So how do we properly attract new lash clients to our budding business without flooding up our social media streams with “Appointments Available” or “Why Haven’t You Booked Your Appointment Yet?” or worse dropping our prices so low clients question our legitimacy?

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Lash Extensions Up Close

Fortunately, for us today there are wonderful tools and resources available that do not require big budgets, but can drive clients to you without losing some Facebook friends along the way. A hard-working website rooted in a foundation of simplicity, beauty and Search Engine Optimization is your start. And when properly designed and built will begin the arduous task of bringing clients to you 24/7…and it never asks for breaks or a day off!

Your next stop is Blogging. You’ve probably heard of others blogging but maybe thought this isn’t for you and your business. But I’m happy to share that it is completely for you and will do beautiful magic in attracting clients to your lash business.

Let me explain why. When you begin to educate your potential audience and clients you begin to position yourself as an authority on the subject. In our case lash extensions. Blogging allows you to answer questions about the service, share expert insider knowledge, educate them on retention best practices etc. So this side of blogging creates a platform for educating and for building trust in your services. This step is crucial because, today’s clients are well informed and do their research before even deciding to call you. If they see that you inform and educate they’ll feel more secure and comfortable giving their business to you.

Blogging also has another win to it, when it comes to attracting more lash clients. It’s a high visibility platform in the eyes of search engines. Mainly Google, since this is the choice of most online users. When you blog you’re creating another platform of visibility for you and your lash business. And because it’s a numbers game as to how you can get the attention of clients, you want to out number your competition when possible. Consistent blogging, will not only solidify your spot as a trusted beauty professional, it also helps you gain more exposure in search results, which equals more clients choosing you for their lash extension needs! Win, Win!

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