The Lash CEO | 5 Tips to Jumpstart Your Eyelash Extensions Business

It does you and your business no good to start at bottom barrel prices for your full lash sets and fill ins. Lash Extensions is a luxury service…not everyone will be a good fit financially or lifestyle wise for the service. That’s ok! Hammer down your full set prices and fill ins before you begin offering your services to the public. Remember your pricing is right in line with your goals and what your lifestyle desing ultimately is or what you want it to look like. Understand, and Timeline your goals out!

2. Draw and Map our your Lifestyle Goals.
How much do you want to bring in a month? In a week and in a day? How many clients do you want to see in any given day? How many days a week do you want to see clients? What hours? What services do you want to have in that day? How much time do you need between clients? Will you take breaks? Knowing the answers to these questions help you craft your ideal business, and design your lifestyle. It’s important to at least have an outline of this before you begin, because when you begin to have clients you need this information. Without knowing it, you’ll find yourself with clients requesting Sunday evening, or Saturdays at 7pm…or clients looking to book last minute appointments every time they book. If you have your goals mapped out before hand, you’ll know that those things may not work for you or your business. Know this ahead of time and save yourself the anxiety.

3. Make your materials Pop!
Although when starting out, budgets may be tight but if you have even $100 to put towards gorgeous business cards, or

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gift cards do it. I created clear $20 gift cards for clients, and they’re a huge hit…people love them and they’re less likely to throw them away! *Win* Hire a freelancer to design a beautiful logo, or business card for your business. You’ll be amazed at some of the work that they can turn out for you. Plus standout materials will make your business look professional and ready to serve your idea clients. If you’re attracting high end clients, your materials need to be high end. If you’re attracting middle ground clients, you can still produce beautiful materials, but spend a little less. And knock it out with great design.

4. Be patient, be consistent, be committed
Bringing clients to you takes time and patience…it typically doesn’t happen overnight. But does happen, you have to trust the process and stick with it. Attracting clients doesn’t usually take a big buget and that’s the upside…but it does take time. So in the beginning you have the time…spend it wisely so that you can see the fruits of that labor later.

5. Keep pushing your efforts before you NEED clients.
I know this sounds crazy, but when you’re first starting out, you think… I need clients, I need business. But what you really need is your foundation laid, your plan set, and your goals nailed down.
When you’ve already launched your business and you don’t have these principles set…you’re running into your business blind, and setting yourself up for frustration and a rocky road. Do these things first…it matters. Do it before you’re trying to get clients.

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