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Thank you for taking a moment to learn more about me and the mission of Lash Business Success!

Originally started to learn as much as I could about the Lash & Beauty industry I was/am hungry for information

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Hi There!

about this amazing industry. But unfortunately as I searched none of the information I sought was to be found.

So in desperation I just began to share what I was doing and what was and was not working for me. The idea began to catch on as more and more lash and beauty pros wanted to learn more too.

My name is Rickina Velte, I’m a licesned Esthetician currently calling Virginia home. Here’s a quick rundown on me.

*US Navy Veteran 1996-2000
*Mother to 3.  Ava 1.5, Ace 7 and Wofle 10
*Wife to a US Navy Senior Chief
*12+ years experience in, F-14 and H-53E radar and navigation systems. Electronics and computer networking and online technology.
*Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, A+, Network +, and MCP certified
*Launched a Diabetes Accessory Company: Stick Me Designs – later going on to be featured in Diabetic Living Magazine 4 times in editorial features (not paid advertising), Liberty Health magazine, and in Times Square New York. I have since let the business go, so that I may focus full time on my Lash Career!
*Certified Eyelash & Eyebrow Trainer
* I have a need for speed guilty pleasure, currently enjoying a 2014 RS Magenta Camaro.
Previous vehicles: 2010 RS Aqua Blue Metallic Camaro, 2005 Subaru WRX… 🙂
* I love to craft, meet new people and live out my passion of serving others with beauty and business know how!

So what about you…what’s your story? I’d love to learn more about YOU!

Thanks for stopping by,

cheers to success!


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9 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi Rickina,

    I am a mother of four boys, 16,12,8,3. I am also an attorneys assistant in a Law Firm for seven years. I am lash training this weekend. I have been interested in Beauty for quite sometime now but I have finally realized that my focus is not to be a MUA. I have been into lash and brows for years now. I have only been applying strip lashes and getting my brows waxed. However I am the one that has a passion for brows and lashes so when I found out there was a need for extension and brows I am now at a point was I was able to invest in myself. I am ready for this journey and I cannot wait to be apart of the industry. My BIG PICTURE is to become a licensed Esthetician and to have a Beauty Parlor small yet modern and specialize only in Lash/Brow extensions as well as facials, nails/toes, as well as makeup and massage. I hope to attend some seminars to be able to meet people and learn effective things that I know my trainer may not teach. Do you have any advice?

    Thank You in advance!

    1. Hi April,
      Thank you for stopping by and for commenting! *High Fives* for taking
      the step to invest in yourself! My advice is to find a reputable trainer
      near you and get your lash extensions training in. Be sure you follow
      any licensure and/or certification requirements for your state.
      I’ve connected with thousands of stylists via Instagram, and it’s
      a great way to meet others who have a passion for this industry. I’m also
      planning a Lash Hustlers Workshop and ReTreat here in Virginia Beach
      next year, that may be a great way to connect with other stylists in the
      industry. If I can help in any way please email me: rickina@lashbusinesssuccess.com

  2. Hello Rickina, I think what you are doing is fantastic and I am looking forward to getting in your heard about all sorts of things. I have one daughter and recently had the blessing of having one grandson. I am a licensed cosmetologist in Atlanta looking to completely change direction of my business. I am a Retired Army Veteran with an Masters Degree in Business Administration. I now want to take control of my time and get from behind the chair and sit comfortably while applying beautiful lashes and microblading. I also want to establish a curriculum of which I can assist others and add yet another stream of income with coaching! Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Hi NJheri!
      Wow…thank you for connecting with me. And what an amazing background…I too served in the military so we share a couple of life experiences! Of course my suggestion is to start with getting into the best training for Lash Extensions & Microblading. Research their work, look at students work and get feedback, then proceed. It’s a tough call now because there are sooo many ‘trainers’ now who claim their masters and they’ve sometimes only been at it for a few months. Granted some are actually talented…while others unfortunately are just money hounds. So be cautious…these trainings can cost you thousands! As for coaching, I think you can decide where you want to focus and then begin connecting with your market. It’s what I did…by mistake actually, but it’s been such a beautiful journey thus far. Figure out what your most valuable niche is to serve, and go for it! Thanks for stopping by!~

  3. Hi Rickina,

    Ran across your info on Pinterest and wants to say hello! I’m a single mom of 10 year old daughter. I’ve been lash for about a year but decided to get a refresher course this coming weekend. The person I trained under wasn’t the best and I feel I am missing out on technique. My IG is @ilashgoddess and I look forward to the retreat.


    1. Hi Nichole!
      Thank you so much for connecting with me! So cool…Pinterest sent you here…Yay! Good for you to continue to invest in your career…it’s always a good idea.
      I too took 2 different lash classes, and I suggest it whenever anyone asks. How did it go? How are things going now for you? How is business? Keep me posted. I’ll
      go and check out your IG too. Thank you!

  4. Awww… Jillian! Thank you…and apologies for such a delayed reply. Sooo many spam comments it’s tough to get to real non bot comments! You’re so generous with kind words…thank you. I can definitely say that getting more training is always a good idea. I’ve been on the same mission too…to be the best lash stylist in Hampton Roads…I’m not there yet, but I’ve come a long way quickly. And if I keep striving I know I can be my best possible version. I do offer lash training, if you’re ever down in the Va Beach, VA area…please keep me posted. I’d love to meet you and work with you!

  5. Hi Rickina,

    My name is Melody married with 3 kids. I was working in the debt collection for almost 7 years and I just did not enjoy my job anymore so I decide to change and I’m going to school to get my esthetician license, lash extension got my attention, do you have any suggestion or recommendation for school of training? I don’t have any clue but I know some let you take the class wile you enroll in esthetics. Any information will help thank you.


    1. Hi Melody,
      Thank you for sharing. So yes you’re right depending on your local state regulations you can possibly take a lash class while in school. Every state is different and it also matters who you’ll be taking a class with.
      I would still with a highly reputable training course, such as Lash Maven, Borbelta, My Brand Lashes, many of the other ‘fly by night’ lash trainings, are simply capitalizing on a quick large class buck. Look for trainers, that have beautiful work, and students of their with beautiful work. Hope that helps!

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