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Reviews have started to take center stage when it comes to business and how a potential clients views you and your services or products. If you’re just getting started, or have been in business for a few years, it’s time to focus on what really helps bring new clients to you. Here’s a hint: It doesn’t involve spamming your social media feeds with “Appointment Hype”. You know what I’m talking about…those posts you see that say something like: “Why haven’t you booked your appointment yet?” Or…Appointments Available… Blek….

Just writing them makes my stomach flip into knots…If you haven’t heard me say it already…those type of posts do the exact opposite of what you’re going for. Instead of attracting clients…you’re actually repelling them! Say What?

Yup…blasting your social media with these type of posts…do NOTHING for your professional brand…wait…I take that back…they do something…and it’s called making your business look desperate! STOP DOING THIS…

No new clients wants to book with a business who looks desperate for clients…shhhh….even if you are. And trust me I get it especially if you’re hungry and new to the game! We’re all there at some point…but letting those clients Know this…is a No No!!

But here’s something you can do…that doesn’t require begging or desperation posts. You can encourage and reward

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Lash & Brow Review

happy client reviews for your lash and or brow services. Even if you’re new…and you’re still working on your portfolio…you can encourage those first few friends and family to leave you a glowing review. Sharing their experience with you, and letting the world know that you’re amazing…or you know how to treat a client…or that you space is immaculate! Every positive glowing review is a boost to your lash extensions business…and should be treated as GOLD…simply because…Well it is!

Leaving are the days of thousands of ‘Likes’ or ‘Hearts’ for popularity…clients that want to spend money with you, may glance at that…but what they REALLY want to see is real first hand accounts of people who decided to trust you, and then loved you and your services! They want to know that if they choose you…they won’t be disappointed. And how can they know this…by reading reviews. And this act of reviews is gaining traction…and as a lash or brow business owner it’s your responsibility to take note!

So I’ve put together a quick little list of 5 Ways Happy Client Reviews…Bring more Happy Clients!

  1. Glowing reviews have a nice way of taking up more prime first page Google results! —> VISIBILITY WIN!
  2. They can help you in Visibility if your website, or blogging efforts are taking longer than expected. 
  3. They help with word of mouth referrals too…because face it…even referrals still check you out. And if their friend…and 10 strangers say you’re amazing…Now they’re ready to book!
  4. Seeing review sites display your business…pre-sells potential clients, so they come ready to trust you!
  5. You can also use the words clients use in their review to create a review/testimonial page. Because that page may just start showing up in search results too, if someone searches for Lash Extensions Reviews!

So what’s the take away? The take away is…stop pushing for Likes and Hearts…and start pushing for Reviews and Testimonials…they’re worth Wayy More for your business!

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The Lash CEO | Why You Should Blog to Attract More Lash Extensions Clients

It used to be that you could learn a new skill or trade, print a few business cards throw up a Facebook page and you’d be in business. Driving new clients to your treatment room. But if you’re new to the lash industry, or new to launching a business in today’s digital market you probably found out the hard way that this now rarely leads to a steady flow of clients. Instead it’s a steady flow of frustration and time wasted.

So how do we properly attract new lash clients to our budding business without flooding up our social media streams with “Appointments Available” or “Why Haven’t You Booked Your Appointment Yet?” or worse dropping our prices so low clients question our legitimacy?

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Lash Extensions Up Close

Fortunately, for us today there are wonderful tools and resources available that do not require big budgets, but can drive clients to you without losing some Facebook friends along the way. A hard-working website rooted in a foundation of simplicity, beauty and Search Engine Optimization is your start. And when properly designed and built will begin the arduous task of bringing clients to you 24/7…and it never asks for breaks or a day off!

Your next stop is Blogging. You’ve probably heard of others blogging but maybe thought this isn’t for you and your business. But I’m happy to share that it is completely for you and will do beautiful magic in attracting clients to your lash business.

Let me explain why. When you begin to educate your potential audience and clients you begin to position yourself as an authority on the subject. In our case lash extensions. Blogging allows you to answer questions about the service, share expert insider knowledge, educate them on retention best practices etc. So this side of blogging creates a platform for educating and for building trust in your services. This step is crucial because, today’s clients are well informed and do their research before even deciding to call you. If they see that you inform and educate they’ll feel more secure and comfortable giving their business to you.

Blogging also has another win to it, when it comes to attracting more lash clients. It’s a high visibility platform in the eyes of search engines. Mainly Google, since this is the choice of most online users. When you blog you’re creating another platform of visibility for you and your lash business. And because it’s a numbers game as to how you can get the attention of clients, you want to out number your competition when possible. Consistent blogging, will not only solidify your spot as a trusted beauty professional, it also helps you gain more exposure in search results, which equals more clients choosing you for their lash extension needs! Win, Win!

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Blogging Ideas from Google | The Lash CEO

One of the very best ways to attract new lash extension clients to you is by showing them you know your stuff? How do you do that? By blogging and by sharing good to know information with them. This helps you be seen as an authority in your beauty niche and makes potential clients want to choose you over another. It can also help if you are in a saturated market, because most lash stylists won’t blog.

Or simply are unsure how to get started…lucky for you though you’re here and I can show you some ideas on what to blog about. It doesn’t take much and you can get started right away.
Here’s a video on how you can use Google to give you ideas on what clients are looking for and how you can answer them with blogging.

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Understanding Google for Your Lash Business | The Lash CEO

If you’re in business you already know how important it is to be found on Google. Because not being found there usually lashes extensions business, eyelash business, success eyelash, lashes and a wink, the lash ceomeans you’re not as busy or booked as you could be. But as lash extension artists this information is generally not taught in lash training, so when you finish up and you have your certificate in hand that’s usually it. I know most training companies have the very best intentions for their budding students, but the truth is not knowing can make or break a new business.

But I don’t want this to be your truth! Especially when it doesn’t have to be. I’m hosting a class just for you! I’m calling it Google Visibility for Lash Artists and if you’ve ever had questions about understanding the part of Google that increases your visibility you’ll want to be here!

Register now for this free Google visibility class!

Lash On! Rickina, The Lash CEO


How to WoW Your Lash Extension Clients Part 2 | The Lash CEO

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Before you deliver a valuable service to lash extension clients…you have to prove that you know what you’re doing and that they can trust you with their face! Especially since so many ‘artists’ are creating a bad rap for our industry. It’s our job to continue to educate and arm our clients with knowledge to make the very best choices and decisions about choosing eyelash extensions.

So Part 2 of How to WoW your Lash Extension clients is to Inform & Educate.

A cool way to get a 1-2 punch with this one is to: Offer a free ebook in exchange for their email address. The key here is that the ebook informs them in some way…to coincidentally bring them back to you and your services. Even if they should take the scenic route with another stylist at first.

You could offer an ebook on: The Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Next Lash Artist or Top 3 Lash Extension Myths Dispelled, or How to Spot a Professional Lash Extension Stylist. Of course everything in the guides just points back to you and your services, but in the meantime you’re still educating and informing the client. People love to learn and understand as much as they can about our industry. Let’s educate them, and make our industry that much stronger and elevate it to the professional level it deserves!


If you’d like to connect with me you can find me on Instagram @___Lash____Business___Tips & On YouTube @ The Lash CEO and on Facebook @TheLashCEO and at www.TheLashCEO.com

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How to Wow Your Lash Extension Clients | The Lash CEO

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Wowing and attracting new lash clients can be done in quite a few different ways. But it really depends on what your goals are for your lash extensions business. I know…I know…there I go again talking about lash goals. Well it’s true and I gotta tell you that every effort that you do, has to have an end goal…or end result you’re looking for. Whether it be more inquiries, more email sign ups, attendance to an event, or ultimately appointments, you need a goal before you can WOW.

So for Part 1 on how to WOW your Lash Extension Clients we’ll talk about how to WOW clients with value added services.

If you’re offering full lash extension sets, if you’re not already including a Lash AfterCare kit, you should be.
A Lash aftercare kit can include:
1. lash shampoo
2. lash mascara spoolie wands
3. aftercare instructions
4. book again incentives
5. a sweet treat
6. business cards
7. incentives or marketing materials to introduce other local businesses

A thoughtfully designed and created aftercare kit, not only adds value to your service your client now feels more invested in her investment. This also gives you the opportunity to charge a little more for your full sets because now you’re adding more value to your services!

Now more and more lash artists are including aftercare kits, because it simply makes sense to do so for your clients. But you can get creative with your kit and include a cute gift like hand sanitizer, lip balms, or hand creams. Or even include samples from a local artisan…even more co-oping power to help another business grow their business too.

Give your lash clients an experience that they will want to tell their girlfriends about. WOW them, with personable service, kindness and professionalism. You’d be surprised as to how many lash stylists are simply missing the mark here. Be genuine and love your business…and your lash extension clientele will grow too!

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Why You May Have Lash Website Low Visibility | The Lash CEO

There are so so many tiers in the quest to stay and show up on the first page of Google for your lash extension website. But if you’re busy working your lash business it can be nearly impossible to keep track and understand how it works and what you can do about it. Lucky for you…I totally dig this stuff and when I hear of new Googleese I share and explain it how I can.

So here’s the thing. Google is really really good at delivering relevant content to its’ visitors. I mean it’s what is the foundation of their company right? So they’re constantly updating how this core function works and how to deliver the best possible experience for potential lash clients. Well not just lash clients…but everyone. So the concept of how it analyzes websites and decides whether or not that piece of virtual real estate makes it, is a very complicated one. One that I can’t even fully understand…but what I do know I implement on my websites as much as possible.

The concept I’ll share here is the concept of ‘content above the fold’. What this means simply is the information a user sees when they look at a search page, or your website before they have to scroll. What we need to take from this concept is that we should try as much as possible to have relevant content above this virtual fold. Whether that be showing up in the first place map listing on a search, or delivering great tagged images and brief relevant information on your website, before anyone has to scroll.

Below is an above the fold screenshot from 9/16/16 of the keyword search: “Lashes Va Beach” Proudly my Lashes & a Wink ranks #1 for this particular keyword *win*

eyelash business, microblading business, microblading training, lash training, lash coaching, lash marketing

This is what potential clients see before they even scroll down any further. In many cases they call me looking for more information or to schedule an appointment. This is key to keeping my calendar full and booked. My online platforms ie: website, blog, google+, pinterest, youtube…all work to bring me new clients every single week. When you’re visibility is high…your client attraction is high as well.

Google likes to see relevant, fresh content and it prefers to see this on your website, again above this virtual fold. So take a moment to go to your website from your desktop and from your phone. What shows up before you have to scroll? If you’re not showing a relevant first time client deal, or an image with relevant keywords you’re targeting…change it! Google penalizes websites that offer a bunch of fluff instead of value. And we all have to play nice with Google…or our businesses can suffer.

So hopefully that is helpful, I know sometimes all of this marketing, SEO and content stuff can be overwhelming. My advice, take tiny nuggets and work on it daily. Whether that be committing to posting one new Google+ post for 30 days, or posting a new blog post weekly for a month…just commit to something. Otherwise you’ll keep wondering…Why Am I Not Being Seen?

If you’re looking for more free truths on how to attract more clients for your eyelash extensions business, head over to TheLashCEO.com tons of FREE resources wait for you!

Lash UP!

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Ending Your Discounting Price Drama | The Lash CEO

It’s easy to get caught up in discounting when it comes to being in the lash extension business. Whether it’s because you’re new and need the flow of business…or for another self-sabotaging reason(more on that later). But hear this…when you constantly discount without a plan in place, or keeping your prices at that discounted rate, you’re seriously cheating you and your business. And I’m pretty sure you didn’t get into this industry to cheat yourself out of a financially comfortable lifestyle… So let’s get into how we can break this cycle of discounting your lash services, and why it’s necessary.

Tip #1 – You’re Not Expensive…You Just Can’t Afford Me
This is one of my favorite money quotes…because it’s so true. I think we may be coming into a new era for our industry. More consumers are becoming savvy on the difference of what we provide and what nail salons or fly by night lashers do. What we offer takes patience, practice and a level of skill that not many can consistently deliver. So…they need to pay for it. But many are so used to the cheap-o $25 lashes that they now will approach you and question your prices. Hey…I get it… and You get it…but they do not! We cannot allow these deal/discount junkies to squeeze their way into our businesses. Listen…you run the show here…not them. If they’re seeking a rolling deal or discount politely explain why this isn’t how you do business. Explain that you’ve invested in yourself and provide a higher level of service and products…and this contributes to your higher price. You’re prices are what they are…if they can’t afford it…that’s on them NOT you!

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Tip #2 – Regulars Get Raises Too
Ooh…so this one I personally struggle with. And I know I’m losing a few dollars from this…but I’m willing to take that loss for now. But if we’re being honest and running a business that is poised for growth, we absolutely have to give our regulars a price increase too. But we can do it in a manner that is professional and accepted. Here’s my plan of action for this one…since I’m slipping a bit (Don’t judge me:-/) As we near the holiday season again, I plan to give all of my clients a 60 day notice about a price increase in the coming 2017 year. This will be across the board…Everyone get’s it! Even if we raise our prices by just $7 multiplied times 65 for the total amount of clients seen every month give or take…that’s almost $500 a month! I don’t know about you…but I could use that $500 in about 500 different ways! So if you haven’t raised your prices in a couple of years…(like me) Let’s do it together for 2017!


Tip #3 – Stop Allowing Clients to Show Up With Dirty Lashes
So we’ve all had them. The client that shows up right from work…and hasn’t cleaned their lashes..and they’re getting a full set. We know that this situation takes a different turn depending on the client right? Regulars for me…who show up once out of 10 times with make up…I let slide. But for those perpetual clients who consistently arrive dirty…it’s gotta stop. I don’t currently have any of them…but my policy is that if cleaning takes more than 10 minutes…$15 is added to your service. Not charging for extra prep time, is just another way that is sucking money out of your lash extension business. More product…more time…and less chance their lashes will last as long. Which also means you’ll probably be hearing from them in 4 days saying “I keep loosing 9 or 10 lashes a day…what is happening?” Um…well maybe because I couldn’t properly get all that gunk off your face, last week? Ok…well we can’t say that, but you know we have to explain it out. So if you don’t have a Dirty Lash policy…CREATE ONE..and Implement it!


Tip #4 – Love Your Lash Business Goals & Yourself Enough
It’s strange right…but if you’re not holding your lash business to a high enough standard you’re missing the mark. You won’t charge what you’re worth because of fear no one will pay it. STOP! This just isn’t true…unless of course your full sets are $800…then maybe yeah. But to hit and exceed your goals you have to believe that you’re worth it…and clients will believe it too. Provide a beautiful service and treat them well, and they’ll come back and bring friends. This is what all of our businesses need…and we deserve it. So Love yourself and your lash business enough to charge what you’re worth, and don’t let cheapskates…talk you out of your goals!


Think of it this way, what we do not everyone can do. We freakin’ split hairs for a living for crying out loud…we deserve to paid nicely for that. If you do beautiful work, and let your passion show with every client. Increasing your prices just $7 shouldn’t be cause for them to walk on you. If they do…they weren’t loyal to begin with, and this just leave an opportunity for a better fit eyelash client to fill that spot.

Lash On!

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The Lash CEO | Why You Need to be Scarce to Grow Your Eyelash Extension Business


You might be reading this right now thinking…”Wait…how can I grow if I’m less available?” I know it sounds crazy that if you want your lash extension business or brow business to flourish you need to be scarce. Just typing it, it sounds…weird. But I gotta tell you that this very concept is just another reason why I’ve grow by quadruple in the last 12 months. Lately I’ve been putting strategies, systems and tools in place so that YOU the growing lash and or brow stylist can grow too. Not with gimmicks, or tricks, but with honest to goodness elements of growth that work. No matter where you call home, or where you’re doing business.

Now before I get into it further I want to start by saying that being scarce, also means that you have to be good. I mean you have to know what you’re doing and be very good at your craft. This can work if you’re just starting out, but just know that you have to constantly be upping your lash and brow game, and getting better. This requires passion for the industry and for serving your clients. If you’re in this only to make money, this may not be the path for you. I won’t hold that against you if you bounce out right now. But if you’re still here then let’s get to it.

Most of you success will be due to your skills and how people jive with your vibe and just you being you. But a lot of success is mental and if you would have asked me 12 months ago if that eyelash extension business, lash business success, brow microblading business, brow businessmattered I may have gave you an uneducated response of “No”. Silly me right!? The mental portion of success is HUGE and you would be wise to take notice that it DOES matter. It didn’t really start to occur to me until I began to notice how my calendar began to get ‘tight’. I didn’t notice it right away…it just kind of snuck up on me. Let me explain. I have a very active family, I have 3 little ones ages 11, 8, and 2. My husband is active duty Navy and we also have 2 furry children, our house can be a crazy farm at times(that’s putting it nicely). So when I began my journey of “I’m Going to Grow This Thing” (my business) I knew that I didn’t want to be in my treatment room for more than 7 hours a day… ideally less than 6 if I could help it. And I also knew that I didn’t want to
work 5 days a week every week, and I didn’t want to do many weekends, or evenings. CRAZY right? Well not exactly, I needed that time to focus on my family and be available when necessary.

So this was my ‘success’ factor. If I could swing a schedule like that while still making at least $3000 a month, I was happy and this was my ‘Success’. I didn’t know it then, but I was setting my business up for success in the long run too. What I was essentially doing was setting my schedule up for Scarcity. If clients want to book with me, they have to find the time in their schedule…not me bending backwards to accommodate them…schedule wise anyway. While they’re in my room it’s a slightly different story. But becoming scarce when you’re good at what you do, works to your advantage. It creates a mentality that if you want to get in to see me…you need to plan for it. You can rarely call me on the same day and get in…Actually you never can. My schedule will  not allow that. This creates a type of client that I don’t favor and it also opens you up for always getting those last minute types. Now let me say…if you’re ok with that type of client by all means schedule them. But for me it’s not…and it’s been good for me and my goals.

An example was last week a new client emailed and wanted to schedule. She had obviously looked at my online schedule and saw that I’m booked till September. She thought that emailing me and giving me the ‘I’m busy’ line and if she could get in sooner bit that I would magically open my schedule for her. When I graciously let her know that my schedule books up quickly and that I in fact didn’t have any availability till September. This was her response…

business of lashes, brow business, eyelash extensions business

See what I mean? When you stick to your goal guns and let people know that you have your schedule and it is what it is…it usually works in your favor. You may in fact lose a few clients, but you know what they were probably not the best fit anyway. If you have any doubts, see what happens slowly as you start to let clients that push your goals around. It will hit you one day that…uughhh here is so and so again…they always try to book last minute or never pre book or always try to get me to ‘squeeze’ them in. I don’t know about you , but this type of clients stresses me out. And this is my business where I dictate as much of my happiness as I can. I no longer let clients like that in my circle.

And because I’ve stuck to my goals and my schedule I’m booked weeks out, and I’m hitting and exceeding my income goals month after month. And I’m here to show you what has worked/working for me so that you too can implement them in your business. I don’t just give you theory…I share with you real proof of what I’m sharing so you know that I’m honest and truly want to see you succeed and grow too!

If you’re not getting the clients you need to see your business grow…head over to my resource site for budding and growing Lash CEO’s, and let’s grow our businesses together!

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