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Reviews have started to take center stage when it comes to business and how a potential clients views you and your services or products. If you’re just getting started, or have been in business for a few years, it’s time to focus on what really helps bring new clients to you. Here’s a hint: It doesn’t involve spamming your social media feeds with “Appointment Hype”. You know what I’m talking about…those posts you see that say something like: “Why haven’t you booked your appointment yet?” Or…Appointments Available… Blek….

Just writing them makes my stomach flip into knots…If you haven’t heard me say it already…those type of posts do the exact opposite of what you’re going for. Instead of attracting clients…you’re actually repelling them! Say What?

Yup…blasting your social media with these type of posts…do NOTHING for your professional brand…wait…I take that back…they do something…and it’s called making your business look desperate! STOP DOING THIS…

No new clients wants to book with a business who looks desperate for clients…shhhh….even if you are. And trust me I get it especially if you’re hungry and new to the game! We’re all there at some point…but letting those clients Know this…is a No No!!

But here’s something you can do…that doesn’t require begging or desperation posts. You can encourage and reward

lash extensions, microblading reviews for business
Lash & Brow Review

happy client reviews for your lash and or brow services. Even if you’re new…and you’re still working on your portfolio…you can encourage those first few friends and family to leave you a glowing review. Sharing their experience with you, and letting the world know that you’re amazing…or you know how to treat a client…or that you space is immaculate! Every positive glowing review is a boost to your lash extensions business…and should be treated as GOLD…simply because…Well it is!

Leaving are the days of thousands of ‘Likes’ or ‘Hearts’ for popularity…clients that want to spend money with you, may glance at that…but what they REALLY want to see is real first hand accounts of people who decided to trust you, and then loved you and your services! They want to know that if they choose you…they won’t be disappointed. And how can they know this…by reading reviews. And this act of reviews is gaining traction…and as a lash or brow business owner it’s your responsibility to take note!

So I’ve put together a quick little list of 5 Ways Happy Client Reviews…Bring more Happy Clients!

  1. Glowing reviews have a nice way of taking up more prime first page Google results! —> VISIBILITY WIN!
  2. They can help you in Visibility if your website, or blogging efforts are taking longer than expected. 
  3. They help with word of mouth referrals too…because face it…even referrals still check you out. And if their friend…and 10 strangers say you’re amazing…Now they’re ready to book!
  4. Seeing review sites display your business…pre-sells potential clients, so they come ready to trust you!
  5. You can also use the words clients use in their review to create a review/testimonial page. Because that page may just start showing up in search results too, if someone searches for Lash Extensions Reviews!

So what’s the take away? The take away is…stop pushing for Likes and Hearts…and start pushing for Reviews and Testimonials…they’re worth Wayy More for your business!

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